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About Our University

Somvati Patel Smarak Mahavidhyalay is a college based in Mahoba district of Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India. It has professional, technical and vocational study programmes along with facilities for research.

Affiliated to bundelkhand University jhansi (UP)

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Our Philosphy

"Our Philosophy: Empowering minds, shaping futures. Somvati Patel Smarak Mahavidhyalaya is committed to providing holistic education, fostering critical thinking, and nurturing excellence in all aspects of academic and personal development."

Academics Principle

"Academics Principle: Somvati Patel Smarak Mahavidhyalaya strives for excellence in education, fostering a vibrant learning environment that encourages critical thinking, knowledge acquisition, and personal growth. We are committed to empowering students with quality education and preparing them for a successful future. #SPSMAcademics".

Key of Success

"Unlock the door to success at Somvati Patel Smarak Mahavidhyalaya. Embrace knowledge, strive for excellence, and let your dreams take flight in our empowering educational environment. Together, we hold the key to your success!"